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The advanced materials laboratory group activity was successfully held

  • 2019.08.23 00:00:00
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On August 22, 2019, all the members of our lab went to dapeng to participate in the semi-annual league building activity.Under the guidance of the guide, all the lab members visited dapeng ancient city, experienced exciting fun kayaking, and held a beach barbecue in the evening.

On August 22, 2019, all the members of our lab went to dapeng to participate in the semi-annual league building activity. In the antique dapeng, a group of laboratory people spent a happy day.

August 22, 2019 at 2pm.At the end of the routine group meeting, all the lab members sat on the bus together on the journey to dapeng. After a 40-minute drive, all the lab members visited the ancient city of dapeng with a long history .In dapeng ancient city, a group of laboratory people followed the tour guide to visit the resistance yingming will be the commander of the guangdong navy lian jue "zhenwei general first", understand the then magnificent history. A group of people enjoying the laboratory exhibits in full of beautiful things in eyes, shuttle in the ancient alley of the winding path leading to you, do not have a flavor.

After visiting dapeng, they came to the beautiful sand fish chung. Here, the lab group experienced exciting fun kayaking. Everyone in pairs, on the kayak will scramble to sail to the sea, do show the material people do not fear difficulties, brave the wind waves. The gentle setting sun shone on the blue water, and boats crisscrossed it, drifting back and forth. The people were playing and playing on the sea, and the troubles of experiment and work were swept away.

After an afternoon of play, everyone has a little hungry. A sumptuous beach barbecue perfectly meets everyone's needs. Then they divided into two groups and began to bake all kinds of delicious food. The white smoke of the barbecue rose slowly and merged with the quiet night sky. Everyone ate one mouthful after another excitedly. The whole barbecue site was filled with a happy atmosphere.

After having enough food and drink, they set off on their journey back to school. At the teacher's suggestion, everyone sang happily on the bus. In this way, a group of laboratory carrying a beautiful song back to the school. The semi-annual league construction activity of advanced materials laboratory also came to a successful end