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"Greater bay area polymer new materials and polymer products project" high-end BBS successfully concluded the curtain

  • 2019.10.29 00:00:00
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On October 26, the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen) held a high-end BBS themed "new polymer materials and polymer products engineering in greater bay area".

The BBS aims to build a bridge between industry, university and research for the academic and industrial experts in the field of advanced polymer material manufacturing and processing.Sharing collaborative innovation experience and multiple perspectives;Introduce the latest research and development progress and core technical challenges of industrial manufacturing;To explore the industry development trend of "guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area" and "shenzhen pilot demonstration area".


Invited keynote of member of wan-tai Yang jin-ping qu academician of south China university of technology, tsinghua university, sichuan university britain-based authority academicians, sinopec jin-liang qiao Beijing chemical industry research institute, professor, vice President of basf's asia-pacific Bernd Sachweh Dr, blond risks wave Dr Wong, general manager of science and technology, foster new materials, general manager of hangzhou everbright Dr. Zhou, guangdong chemical and chemical laboratory tung, a professor at Beijing university of chemical material dean professor zhang liqun yue-sheng li professor, Chinese academy of sciences, changchun, tianjin university, should be the professor dong-mei cui.In addition, there were from fudan university, east China university of science and technology, south China agricultural university, Shanghai jiaotong university, zhejiang university, sun yat-sen university, exxon mobil, guangzhou cheng chemical, petrochemical institute, guangdong HangMa, gold aggregation, jing bo, JuHua, mindray, maoming petrochemical, the dragon, wanhua, UOP and so on more than 50 academics and entrepreneurs.Prof. Zhu shiping, vice President of the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen) and Prof. Tang shuxian, President of the graduate school hosted the BBS.     




Professor zhu shiping introduced the university's achievements in talent introduction and subject construction in recent years.Polymer materials are widely used, ranking first among the three materials, and serve various fields of national economy, social development and people's life.In order to promote the construction of strategic emerging industry system in the greater bay area, accelerate the development of new material high-tech industry in China, and promote the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of traditional polymer industry, BBS will surely play a positive role in promoting the development of polymer material related industries, universities and research institutes.


Academician qu jinping brought the report of "innovative research implantation industry trilogy", which respectively described how to transform the output results into mass production products from three steps of creating the result environment, opening the industrial door and overcoming the technical barriers of mass production.Academician wang qi made a report of "new equipment, new technology and new theory of plastic processing", introducing the status of plastic processing in China's industry and the new theory and technology of polymer material preparation and processing.Academician Yang wantai made a report on "some chemical problems in China's polymer industry", from the origin of chemistry and the history of polymer development to the yield, application and problems of polyester and other materials.


Professor qiao jinliang pointed out that the polymer industry faces three major challenges: excess, white pollution and carbon tax.Professor Bernd Sachweh introduced basf's development history in China.Basf recently invested us $10 billion in an integrated petrochemical project in zhanjiang to maximize economic benefits and minimize environmental impacts with the "Verbund" concept.Dr. Huang introduced the development and demand of special engineering plastics in China and the contribution and prospect of golden hair technology in various fields.Dr. Zhou guangda introduced the history and development of hangzhou foster, as well as the application and problems of materials in the photovoltaic industry chain.Professor tung chee-hwa introduced the recent progress of polyolefin research, especially the application of polyolefin elastomers in industry and the problems in China.Professor zhang liqun introduced the experience of common development and win-win in school-enterprise cooperation, and put forward that industry-university-research collaborative innovation is a very important strategy and tactics.Professor li yuesheng introduced the current problems of functional polyolefin and the feasible solutions.Professor cui dongmei described the design, development, synthesis and application of catalysts in the polymerization process.


Ms. Guo xiuxue introduced the development planning and talent needs of jincheng petrochemical group, Mr. Wang guo introduced the preparatory work of the institute of polymer products engineering of the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen), and in the presence of experts,Zibo municipal committee, deputy mayor hong-tao Yang, shenzhen municipal government deputy secretary-general Li Zhuowen, huantai county, the county party committee secretary Gu Gang, longgang district deputy district chief guang-wen Chen, the jin cheng, chairman of Zhou Jingcai (shenzhen), Hong Kong cuhk vice-chancellor shi-ping zhu, the jin cheng Guo Xiuxue, vice President of the institute and king, deputy director of the joint laboratory for "the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen) - shandong advanced composite joint laboratory" the jin cheng petrochemical group.


Then, forum guests with "big bay, polymer, production," as the theme, around the related development of polymer materials, the workshop, the guests to discuss very warmly, many concrete Suggestions and opinions are given, the development of polymer chain in China and upgrade and polymer in the bay area to build the product engineering talent highland has important guiding significance.


From a strategic point of view, this BBS will conduct research on the problems in the polymer industry, universities and research institutes, lead the relevant scientific research, technology research and development and industrial application, and provide new thoughts and ideas for the strategic layout of science and technology innovation in the greater bay area.