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Advanced materials laboratory was established

  • 2018.6.15 00:00
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At the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen) products with advanced materials engineering team was founded in early 2018.


At the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen) products with advanced materials engineering team was founded in early 2018, around the front with the national major strategic international advanced materials technology development needs, to develop new high-performance polymer (compound) materials, functional integration, intelligent research, to create basic research, application development and the cultivation of innovative talents for the integration of science and technology innovation platform.The team has been supported by many major projects.


The team leader, professor zhu shiping, is an academician of the royal Canadian academy of sciences, academician of the academy of engineering.


The team consists of three laboratories, namely advanced polymer product engineering laboratory, intelligent materials laboratory and composite materials laboratory.


The advanced polymer product engineering laboratory is under the specific responsibility of manager wang guo and professor liu weifeng. It focuses on the key and core technologies needed for the transition of polymer products from the laboratory to large-scale industrial production, and devotes itself to the independent localization of high-performance polymer materials, driving the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the traditional polymer industry.


Intelligent materials laboratory is in the charge of professor chang kee concrete, is committed to developing new stimulus responsive intelligent materials, study how to use material of multi-scale, multi-level structure design intelligent switch between signal/energy/function, and explore the bionic artificial intelligence, aerospace, electronics and application in the field of Internet of things and so on.


Professor zhu he is in charge of the composite materials laboratory, focusing on the collaborative design and manufacturing of functional porous composites, and exploring its applications in new energy, environmental governance, Marine economy and other fields.