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Recent publications:

(For a complete list, please visit Prof. Shiping ZhuProf. Qi Zhang and Prof. He Zhu 's Google scholar profile page)


● Shi, L., Zhang, C., Du, Y., Zhu, H., Zhang, Q. & Zhu, S. (2020). Improving Dielectric Constant of Polymers through Liquid Electrolyte Inclusion. Advanced Functional Materials, 2007863.


● Ming, X., Shi, L., Zhu, H., & Zhang, Q. (2020). Stretchable, Phase‐Transformable Ionogels with Reversible Ionic Conductor–Insulator Transition. Advanced Functional Materials, 30(49), 2005079.


● Guo, X., Zhang, C., Shi, L., Zhang, Q., & Zhu, H. (2020). Highly stretchable, recyclable, notch-insensitive, and conductive polyacrylonitrile-derived organogel. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8(39), 20346-20353


● Zhang, H., Zhu, H., Liang, X., Liu, P., Zhang, Q., & Zhu, S. (2019). Wrinkled smart surfaces: Enhanced switchable wettability and directional liquid transportation. Applied Surface Science, 513, 145810.


● Wang, Y., Liang, X., Zhu, H., Xin, J., Zhang, Q., & Zhu, S. (2020). Reversible Water Transportation Diode: Temperature‐Adaptive Smart Janus Textile for Moisture/Thermal Management. Advanced Functional Materials, 30(6), 1907851.


● Wang, Y., Liang, X., Ma, K., Zhang, H., Wang, X., Xin, J. H., & Zhu, S. (2019). Nature-inspired windmill for water collection in complex windy environments. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11(19), 17952-17959.


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● Zhu, H., Zhang, Q., Li, B. G., & Zhu, S. (2017). Engineering Elastic ZIF‐8‐Sponges for Oil–Water Separation. Advanced Materials Interfaces4(20), 1700560.


● Zhang, Q., Fu, M., Wang, C., Wang, J., & Zhu, S. (2017). Preparation of poly(ionic liquid) nanoparticles through RAFT/MADIX polymerization-induced self-assembly. Polymer Chemistry8(36), 5469-5473.


● Zhang, Q., Wang, Z., Lei, L., Tang, J., Wang, J., & Zhu, S. (2017). CO2-Switchable Membranes Prepared by Immobilization of CO2-Breathing Microgels. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces9(50), 44146-44151.


● Zhu, H., Zhang, Q., & Zhu, S. (2016). MOFsome via Transient Pickering Emulsion Template. Advanced Materials Interfaces3(18), 1600294.


● Zhu, H., Yang, X., Cranston, E., & Zhu, S. (2016). Flexible and Porous Nanocellulose Aerogels with High Loadings of Metal–Organic‐Framework Particles for Separations Applications. Advanced Materials, 28(35), 7652-7657.


● Zhu, H., Zhang, Q., & Zhu, S. (2016). Alginate hydrogel: a shapeable and versatile platform for in situ preparation of   metal–organic framework–polymer composites. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces8(27), 17395-17401.


● Zhu, H., Zhang, Q., & Zhu, S. (2016). Assembly of a metal–organic framework into 3 D hierarchical porous monoliths using a pickering high internal phase emulsion template. Chemistry–A European Journal22(26), 8751-8755.


● Zhu, H., Zhang, Q., & Zhu, S. (2015). Preparation of raspberry-like ZIF-8/PS composite spheres via dispersion polymerization. Dalton Transactions44(38), 16752-16757.


● Zhu, H., & Zhu, S. (2015). A versatile and facile surface modification route based on polydopamine for the growth of MOF films on different substrates. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering93(1), 63-67.


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● Zhang, Q., & Zhu, S. (2014). Oxygen–Nitrogen Switchable Copolymers of 2, 2, 2‐Trifluoroethyl Methacrylate and N, N  ‐Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate. Macromolecular Rapid Communications35(19), 1692-1696.