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Established in the early 2018, AMPET at CUHK-Shenzhen is dedicated to pursuing a world-class excellence in the high-end fields of materials research and applications, with a major focus on advancing manufacturing technologies required to meet the national strategic needs. The team is committed to developing high-performance, function-integrated, and intelligent polymers and composites, aiming to build a technological innovation platform that integrates fundamental research, product development, and talent cultivation. The team has been supported by a number of major projects.


AMPET is led by Professor Shiping ZHU, Fellow of Royal Society of Canada and Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering. He is a Chair Professor in the School of Science and Engineering and currently serves as a Vice President of CUHK-Shenzhen.


AMPET includes three laboratories: (1) Advanced Polymer Product Engineering Laboratory (APPEL), (2) Smart Materials Laboratory (SML), and (3) Composite Materials Laboratory (CML).


APPEL is led by Mr. Zhengguo BAO, the Team Manager, and Professor Weifeng LIU. The lab is committed to developing advanced technologies for polymer manufacturing and independent intellectual properties for high-end polymer products, with a particular motivation in innovating industrial technologies for upgrading polymer products.


SML is led by Professor Qi ZHANG. The lab focuses on development of novel type stimuli-responsive smart materials and fabrication of intelligent material systems, to achieve switching and conversion between various signals and functions, as well as to explore their applications in such areas as artificial intelligence, aerospace, biomimetic electronics, and the internet of things.


CML is led by Professor He ZHU, dedicated to design and synthesis of functional porous composite materials having synergetic “1+1>>2” effects, and to explore their applications in such areas as new energy, environment, and marine economy.