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Kailun Zhang


Postdoc Fellow

Education Background

Zhejiang University (Ph.D)

Research Field
Olefin polymerization, polymer optical materials


Kailun Zhang, male, Ph.D., is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Chinese university of Hong Kong (shenzhen).In June 2012, I graduated from the department of polymer science and engineering of zhejiang university with a bachelor's degree, and in March 2019, I graduated from the polymer product engineering major of chemical engineering of zhejiang university with a doctor's degree.He has long been engaged in the research work related to polyolefin and has rich experience in the synthesis and polymerization kinetics of polyolefin.A set of high temperature and high pressure continuous solution polymerization process for ethylene/solid-olefin (POE) was developed, and the preparation of 1000-ton POE pilot test package was completed, which filled the technical gap in the production of POE, the core product of high performance polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer in China.The related achievement "1000t/year POE production technology process design package" has passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal of China chemical industry association.At present, we are cooperating with domestic enterprises to develop a liquid polyolefin product for the development of high-end lubricating oil. Related products are expected to be industrialized in a few years.