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HUANG Shuaishuai



Education Background

Zhengzhou University(Bachelor), Queen's University.(Doctor)

Research Field
macromolecular self-assembly, anti-smudge coating, functional polymer materials,


 In 2007, Shuaishuai attended Zhengzhou University for his undergraduate study.  After this, He stayed on Zhengzhou University to complete a master's degree under supervision of Prof. Hongping Li.  In 2019, Shuaishuai completed his Ph.D. under Prof. Guojun Liu at Queen's University.  Then he joined Prof. Zhe She group at Queen's University for a short term postdoctoral research.  Shuaishuai is interested in macromolecules self-assembly, anti-smudge coating as well as fabrication and application of functional polymer.

Academic Publications:


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